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4 Patio Heat Sources to Keep You Warm This Winter

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4 Patio Heat Sources to Keep You Warm This Winter With winter fast approaching, its best to be prepared. What’s the number one heat source for your outdoor patio space this winter? We have a few! What you use and what works, depends on the square meters you want to cover. Each has a different

Patio Perth Designs

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At Patio Perth, our designers are hungry! Really, we don’t let them leave the office all that often. We like to keep them available to meet all your design needs and handle all your phone calls. So call them, they really get excited when the phone rings! Seriously, at Patio Perth we like to have


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Outdoor Patio At Patio Factory in Perth, you are always on our minds! We take your request for an outdoor patio and work with you on every facet of the project. Like a diamond we want it to sparkle.  Just like the twinkle in your eyes it should be a sight to behold.  Patio Factory

Our NEW Patio Heaters Have LAUNCHED

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Brrrrrr. Feel the chill? Not us! We are enjoying the star filled evening sky on our Patio Factory Patio. How? With our new outside patio heater of course!  Does winter make enjoying your outdoor area hard? Well it hits us too! We love to enjoy our Patio Factory Patios all year round and the best